Sri Bhakti Lakshmi Narsingha Dev Profile


"Living in a humble family home in London, resides the glorious Sri Bhakti Lakshmi Nrsinga Dev."
After many days of intense ritual and worship, Sri Swami Vishwananda inaugerated the divine deities in April 2007. The murthi itself stands at five feet and weighs over a tonne. Lord Narasimha is present in one of his most merciful forms. With Lakshmi Devi seated on His left, he holds the Shank (conch) and Chakra (disc), offering His right hand for divine benediction. Sri Bhakti Lakshmi Nrsinga Dev is accomapanied by Lord Krishna delightfully playing his flute, and with Nithyananda and Chaithanya Mahaprabhu dancing in ecstacy.    
Mahabhishek is performed every Poornima (full moon), with daily abhishek and arati performed on the uttsava murthi (smaller murthi). 
If you would like to come to visit the temple or find out more information please contact the following person: 
Contact Person: Anshul
Telephone: : +44 (0)7943116650 
Temple Address: 99 Harlington Road West, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0JG

Below are a list of events being held at the temple in 2012:

Narasimha Chaturthi:
4th May 2012 - details to follow - Sri Swami Vishwananda will be present for the celebrations.

Purnima Dates:
Proceedings start at 7pm unless on a weekend when proceedings start at 5pm.

Mon 9th Jan              Sun 6th May        Sun 30th Sept             
Tues 7th Feb             Mon 4th Jun        Mon 29th Oct
Thurs 8th March       Wed 1st Aug       Wed 28th Nov
Fri 6th April              Fri 31st Aug        Fri 28th Dec